Renewed Shutdowns.

Increased Social Distancing.

Recession Looming.

If the headlines don’t worry you, the reality does. How do small businesses that rely on word of mouth and face-to-face referrals thrive in a pandemic? How can they continue to help clients and customers while safeguarding their businesses?

The answer is branding.

Branding is a company’s most powerful tool in effectively letting clients and customers know how they are helping in these stressful times. A brand acts as a voice to clients, letting them know what to expect and what they are doing to ensure the client’s needs are met without any interruption of services. A few examples of a brand communicating to a client are:

  • A realtor instituting CDC guideline suggestions into his or her home showing experience.
  • A plumber wearing a mask at all times and socially distancing while in a client’s home.
  • A cleaning service adjusting their services to accommodate new health guidelines.

In these ways, a company’s brand is recognizing new realities and adapting to meet the moment. This messaging can go a long way in building trust and leaving a lasting impression. A brand voice can also lead during these times. Some examples are:

  • A CPA firm or local banker sending sometimes daily emails letting their clients know what to expect with all the implications from the stimulus packages being passed in Washington.
  • A financial planner calming his investors down with long-range strategies that mitigate loss and create calm.
  • A home inspector educating their clients on how to prepare to sell their home in a seller’s market.
  • A sign maker letting their clients know that if they need new instruction signage, its available.

These are just a few ways that small businesses can bolster their brands during the pandemic. It’s not necessarily about generating sales, but being there for them in a time of need or crisis. A guiding hand is the difference between a brand that genuinely cares and one that may care but doesn’t demonstrate it.

Is your brand leading during this pandemic? Is it visible at all? If so, then kudos to you. If not, then maybe it’s time to start letting your brand voice come through. Companies across all areas of business have adjusted their messaging and visuals to reflect the new reality and help their clients. Have you?

Questions? Comments? Please let us know what you think. And stay safe and healthy.